Reinventing Snowsport Progression

SnoFolio is the first Snowsports Training Management System that provides skiers with an on-slope performance training portfolio. Our cloud-based mobile training log links every training session and gives skiers a new way to instantly review and build upon their training history.
SnoFolio keeps skiers connected to the slopes for faster performance improvement.

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Performance Progression Pathway

In-Depth Skiing Technique Evaluation

Our Products

We’ve developed two different products to cater towards every type of skier. Whether it’s a ski school trying to increase retention or a World Cup team looking for a unique advantage, Snofolio is the solution. Choose from our products below to learn more about how Snofolio’s breakthrough technology creates victories on any scale.

Engineered to focus on the needs of
ski resorts & ski school programs.
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Built for competitive racers, performance
camps, specialty programs & more.
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The Ski Lesson That Lasts a Lifetime

SnoCap™ Provides a New Way to Collect Student Performance While Delivering an Enhanced Lesson Experience.

Students are more engaged when they can “see” themselves, how well they are doing, and know exactly where to make improvements. Capturing the lesson also allows ski schools to certify the achievement of skills taught and ability level attained.
Reinforce the learning experience by allowing students to evaluate technique, review accomplishments and track their progress. Ski schools can review instructional effectiveness along with student success, retention, and return rates.
Ski schools can provide personalized training path and product recommendations that promotes student re-engagement and return visits. When students are confident about what comes next, they’re more motivated to return.
SnoFolio’s SnoPass is a value-add product that can be added to any ski school lesson product. e.g. Selling 20 single-day SnoPasses daily during an average ski season earns approximately $30,000 additional revenue.
Students (or parents) are encouraged to tip their instructors within their SnoFolio lesson summary using ApplePay, GooglePay, PayPal, and Credit Cards. Instructors make more tips and ski schools are free from processing the transaction and tax forms.
Tracking lesson history and student ability levels benefits students, instructors, and ski schools by knowing the progression path & ability level before the next lesson starts. This improves student ability level enrollment, lesson selection, and instructor placement.

Make every lesson a reason to return

SnoCap™ is a compact, mobile and robust Snowsports training system that stores and shares on-slope lesson data with students, instructors, parents, and ski schools, using one all-inclusive system.

SnoCap™ tracks, reports and documents its flow of educational development program analytics into one convenient portfolio. In turn, this helps ski schools to focus on better ski school retention and sell through.

Ben Attridge, PSIA – Intermountain Examiner

Interested in implementing SnoCap™ into your ski school program? 
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The Most In-Depth Performance Development Platform for Competitive Programs, Coaches & Athletes.

Athlete Centered, Coaching Focused

SnoPeak™ is a complete turn-key mobile training management solution providing all the hardware, software, cloud-connectivity, and functionality that is Ready-to-Go out of the gate.

Enriching the athlete’s training engagement and performance development by providing instant in-depth training feedback. Real-time summaries of personalized training plans show progression of technical and tactical skills, drill and venue history, recorded coach feedback, and annotated video analysis.
Collects real-time training information and performance results, allowing for immediate athlete feedback on performance improvement. This provides coaches & directors with a deeper insight on training results in both technical and tactical domains, while showing how athletes/teams are developing overall.
A custom dashboard that gives a holistic view of a program’s training development paths, coaching methodology, and overall athlete/team performance. This allows directors, coaches and admins to review and analyze the effectiveness of their training environment.

SnoPeak™ is the athlete management solution needed in ski racing. It builds a portfolio for athletes to store, monitor, improve and keep on and off hill progress.

Daniel Demschar, ex-Australian National Ski Team Member
& President of the University of Utah Alpine Ski Club

Interested in implementing SnoPeak™ into your competitive program?
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