The lesson that Lasts

Our Vision

To engage, innovate and bring trackable progression to sport communities through education.


Our Mission

Engage, inspire and progress generations of sports enthusiasts through impactful learning within sports progression. Creating retention with education.

What is SnoFolio

SnoFolio offers app solutions with an interactive training system that stores and shares on-slope lesson data with students, instructors, parents, and ski schools, using one all-inclusive system. SnoFolio sells directly to ski resorts. The snowsport school is outfitted with a SnoFolio web dashboard, to review all lesson history and create custom lesson or training products. They also receive a mobile app that can be downloaded to any smart device. This app is then used to film and evaluate the student in the lesson. Once the lesson is done the instructor clicks one button in the app and it sends the student the lesson result via email. Students can then share or download their lesson. They can also create SnoFolio profiles to store all lesson progression in one spot.

who WE Are

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