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Frequently Asked Questions:

If SnoFolio is already at your resort, go on their website and book a lesson that includes SnoFolio. When you go in for a lesson, SnoFolio will already be added to your lesson plan.

If SnoFolio is not at your favorite resort, contact us via business inquiries on our website or request a demo.

You simply ask for a SnoFolio lesson. A SnoFolio instructor will onboard by email into our system  and then you’re ready to start the day on the snow. After you are done with your SnoFolio lesson, you will receive an email of your lesson that you completed that day. Create an account to unlock your digital portfolio. 

  • Personal Lesson Plan designed for you.

  • Video Analysis.

  • Instant Feedback from your Instructors.

  • Digital Portfolio of Lessons. 
  • Seamless process for next SnoFolio lesson.

  • Start your next lesson where you ended your last
  • It is provided by the snowsport school as a value added option to the students.
  • An environment designed to improve an athlete’s performance and overall understanding of where the athlete is in their overall progression in the sport.

Contact us and we will reach out to your resort. Or reach out to the snowsport director at your resort and let them know you want SnoFolio.

Cost is varied depending on each resort.

SnoFolio currently operates at five resorts (Killington, Copper Mountain, Mt. Bachelor, Eagle Point and Brianhead). If you’re a team, coach etc. you can request a demo on our website.

For the Student:

  • An enterprise application that is fitted for that specific school or program.
  • Real time learning application that is paired with the instructor’s knowledge.
  • Video Analysis filmed and then critiqued in the lesson.

For the Instructor: 

  • Instructor training plans, data, full resort overview data, custom metrics and the ability to film students.
  • Students create profiles that store all lesson progression. Instructors can start teaching the student at their last point of progression when starting a new lesson.
  • Instructor overview, instructor resumes and gives student insight and overview of the lesson. 

SnoFolio is currently an enterprise application but stay tuned for a consumer/student application coming soon.

SnoFolio is for anyone. It’s for all ability and skill levels. Also, SnoFolio can be used for any sport with progression. Keep an eye out for new sport additions.

SnoFolio is the parent company and SnoCap is the snow sport lesson tool or application.

An email will be sent to you with your special login to unlock your snow day.