World-Class Experience, Data-Driven Performance

SnoCap™ provides a new way to manage student progress and create a top-notch lesson experience. SnoCap is an intuitive, robust and portable training management system that let’s ski schools create personalized learning paths and store on-slope lesson data, then share it with students, instructors and parents using one all-inclusive system.

In-App Features


Detailed Lesson Summary

Instructor feedback, lesson data and videos are uploaded to each student’s profile. Every session builds on all your previous sessions.


Video Analysis

Instructors capture and evaluate lesson entries, and tag videos with drills performed and skills practiced. Students can review feedback and track their progress from their personalized portfolios.


Personalized Lesson Plans

Using real data, instructors can tailor lesson plans to focus on specific areas of improvement for each student, so progress happens faster. Measure progress against drill standards and past lessons to constantly improve the training plan.


Organize Your Product Offerings

Organize your offerings so they’re always accessible to customers, and keep important information about every level of your ski school at your fingertips.

Additional Features

Session Video Upload
Lesson Summary
Cloud-Based Storage
Lesson Objectives
Multiple Evaluation Templates
How-To Guides
Drills and Activities Archive
Social Media Sharing
Instructional Feedback

What You Get

SnoCap comes with everything you need to implement our training management system at your school. We’ll provide all the software, hardware and training you need to see what SnoFolio™ can do for you and your Team.

  • iPads (Software managed by SnoFolio)
  • SnoCap iOS Application
  • SnoCap Desktop Application
  • Lockable Charging Station
  • LTE/4G/ WiFi Data Plan
  • On-site Delivery & Training

Partners Using SnoCap

Partners Using SnoCap