What is SnoCap?

SnoCap™ is an application with an interactive training system that stores and shares on-slope lesson data with students, instructors, parents, and ski schools, using one all-inclusive system. It is provided by the snowsport school as a value added option to the students.

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SnoCap™ for the Student

  • Tailored paths using built-in skill progression and customizable lesson templates.
  • Store video lesson data and coach feedback in student’s personal portfolio.
  • Provide top-notch experience through personalized coaching portfolio.

SnoCap™ for the Instructor

  • Manage every aspect of coaching at your resort from onboarding new instructors to tracking certifications.
  • Build coaching modules and run training clinics personalized to your resort’s needs.
  • Track instructors progress though personalized coaching portfolio.

The Lesson that Lasts

The SnoCap Lesson Process

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