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Snofolio’s SnowSports Training Portfolios are a Breakthrough in Skier Performance Development

About Snofolio

SnoFolio™ is the first Snowsports Training Management System that provides skiers with an on-slope performance training portfolio delivering personalized real-time coaching feedback, in-depth skiing technique evaluation, video analysis, and performance progression pathway.

SnoFolio is a cloud-based mobile training log and that links every training session and gives skiers a new way to instantly review and build upon their training history. SnoFolio keeps skiers connected to the slopes for faster performance improvement.

“SnoCapTM is an elegant solution for students of Snowsports, instructors and Snowsports schools. It elevates the student-centered learning concept by creating a continuous and consistent learning environment. SnoCapTM captures the key message from a lesson, delivers it to the student and allows them to share it in all future lessons. Nothing enhances learning and retention like continuity and SnoCapTM delivers.”

  • Stephen Helfenbein, PSIA / National Alpine Team

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